My name is Christian and I am from South Tyrol, the “country in the mountains” in the middle of the Alps. A big part of the Dolomites shapes the landscape of my home.

Targeted and always with passion and focus on the task entrusted to me.

Characteristics that I inherited from my mother (Italian champion in swimming) and her family. My grandfather was a founding member of the “Wacker Innsbruck” football club and was awarded the golden achievement badge.

As a tournament dancer, I and my partner made it to the semifinals at the World Cup in Moscow. The previous year we had qualified as Italian champions.

On May 30, 2011, a long-awaited dream came true – I was on set for the first time during the shoot of the film “Un volto di un’altra” directed by Papi Corsicato. From then on, I had the pleasure of participating in various films. My first role was entrusted to me in the film “Tränen der Sextner Dolomiten” directed by Hubert Schönegger. I embodied the character of Sergei, a Russian prisoner of war of the Austrian imperial hunters. As Sergei, I spoke German with a Russian accent.

Today I can proudly look back on more than 14 roles. I represented the characters in German, German with a Russian accent, English, Italian and played also some silent roles.